Climate and Clothing.


Stretching over a wide geographical scale and varied topography, India’s climate is diverse. Lying north to the equator, India’s clmate is largely temperate with Southern State being warmer compared to other parts. India also gets a maritime as the nation being a peninsula with sea bordering three sides.

The duration of summer in India is from March to June. Climate in march is pleasant with moderate temperature. The heat gets scorching levels in May. The temperature in the plains of northern India may rise up to 45 Degree Celsius

The Monsoon season in India usually lasts from the month of June to that of September. The South West Monsoon enters India through the coast of Kerala and Andaman & Nicobar Islands and passing through Mumbai, central India and eastern India, reaches other parts of North and N West IndiaWinter season is normally from November to February.


When it comes to clothing, it is advisable not to stuff your bags with as much clothes as possible; it is always convenient to keep your baggage light. You can dress up according to the place and season you make your visit.

In summer, cotton is the ideal material in the tropical conditions in India. If you wear synthetic in hot weathe