Pathankot Tourism    

Pathankot, a small city situated in Punjab in Northern Region of India and the east side of Pakistan, has a long history and rich culture. The people of the Pathankot are basically Punjabis and speak the language called Punjabi(Sweet Punjabi) with the little affect of Dogri and Himachali. People from different Religions are residing here. It is the City situated at the foot of hills and near the head of Bari Doab canal, is connected by air, rail and road with the rest of the country. It serves as a travelhub connecting three different regions of India i.e religious and cultural Punjab, Jammu & Kashmir(the heaven on earth) and state of beautiful hills attracting millions of tourists Himachal pradesh. Pathankot has been the seat of Loi and Shawl weaving industry and lies at a point where the trade routes from the hills of Chamba, Nurpur and Kangra unite and enter the plains.